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MY Voyager GT passed away?

Lazarus Ledd

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Hi. I've bought Flash Voyager GT 4GB one month ago.

Today i went to college and connected my flash drive to the PC. I transfered some data on it, and checked back on it to disconnect it later. But I couldn't disconnet it safely and it was missing under My Computer. I pulled it off. I check it on ly PC at home. It doesn't work.



I'll try to settle it with the local distributor and certified service for it (esys.hr), but what can i do else?

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oh there is, cause the cap on 4gb gt version hold like ****, it can be pulled too easy



the cap from a nonGT series( with a blue tip), hold really good and you need to use a small amount of force the pull of the cap.


There is a problem.

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