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Possible Bad Ram on Asus P5N32-E SLI

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I've got 2x Twin2x2048-6400-C4 and got many memory crashes while playing 3D games. Particularly when i was loading or short after loading.

I've tested the memory over some hours with memtest86+ v1.7, but no errors could be found.

Then I used memtest v3.5 from hcidesign.com to test the memory. I know this test also displays errors, if the memory is not bad but there is a different problem. I got errors in ervery test. So I've tested the four bars one at the time. It turned out, that 3 of the bars passed every test without any errors and ervery cofiguration with the fourth bar involved in was unstable.


I've tested many configurations:

Memory Voltage: 1,9 2,0 2,05 2,1

Timings: 5-5-5-18-2T 4-4-4-12-2T (once with tRC24 and tRFC42)

NB Core: 1,4V

Lagacy Usb Support disabled

and all possible combinations (Bios 1002 and 902 tested).


Everytime with the same result. Memtest86+ can't find any errors. Memtest from hcidesign displays errors. System is unstable I get blue screens (memory management) and game crashes.

At the moment I'm running only with the twinpak which seems to be ok and my system is now stable.


Is the bar of the other twinpak bad memory?

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I've 4 modules CM2X1024-6400C4 XMS6404 v2.1.


Module Numbers:

002564 07120138-0 (15315 0..01326660)

002567 07120138-0 (15315 0..01326661)

013837 0649104-0 (15315 0..01096211)

015537 0649104-0 (15315 0..01096212) this one seems to be bad.


I've tested all modules by it self, as twin pairs and all four together. The last one failed when I tested it by it self and all other configurations with this module involved failed, too. All other configurations passed the test.


I've done some more tests now and it turned out, that the module passes the test with setting 1,9V (1,95V on Voltage Monitor), but then i've played company of heroes with this setting and got a blus screen after 10min. When i set the voltage to 2,0 2,025 2,05 or 2,1 the test fails.


The other modules run stable at 2,1 (2,16 on Voltage Monitor).

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