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Possible Bad Ram Asus m2n sli-delux

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I beleive i have a bad ram. Im using xms2 800mhz 2 gig kit (cm2x1024-6400 times 2). When i have ram#1 in slot 1 machine boots no problem all the time. Ram#2 in slot 1 i usually get a black screen with 3 beeps, sometimes just a black screen and sometimes ( after many reboots) it will boot to windows. Ive tried these tests with the default settings in bios and with the following settings: 5-5-5-12-t2 2.0. volts. I have not used memtest because most of the time i cannot boot to windows with the bad ram. My system is the following:

Asus m2n sli delux (latest bios)

amd athlon 64 4600+ dual core

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