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RMA# 1003439 - HORRIBLE Customer Service

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I sent you my bad memory on April 24th and you received it on the 25th. Your website and emails claimed that you would ship out replacements within 72 hrs using 3-day service.




Replacement will be sent via 3-day shipping method. It will be processed by Corsair within 72 hours of when we receive it (usually sooner), or you will be contacted."


After I received NO status e-mails from the RMA department I e-mailed them and they emailed me back claiming that Corsair had never received the package. Well you HAVE received the package. You received it on April 25th via USPS Express Mail. My tracking number VERIFIES this.


Label/Receipt Number: I will post it if needed.

Status: Delivered


Your item was delivered at 12:22 PM on April 25, 2007 in FREMONT, CA 94538 to CORSIAR . The item was signed for by R DURAN.


So I called the RMA department on Friday, April 27th to find out WHAT was going on over there. I talked to TWO people. By the way, no one answers the phone with their names over there. Everytime I called, they answered "Corsair" and thats it, so if you're going to ask me who I talked to, sorry but if they would've have told me their names then I would have written them down. The first person I talked to checked the tracking number and said he would "handle the situation". Then I called again to check on the status. The second person I talked to told me there were many repalcement modules in stock (and I VERIFIED with him that they were 6400C4's so I know he was telling me the truth) and since the tracking number verified that you had received the package from me, that he'd try to get the package here sooner. He said the best he could do was UPS 2nd Day Air. So he scheduled the shipment FOR FRIDAY, APRIL 27TH and he said that I would receive the replacement memory TODAY, Monday, April 30th, or Tuesday, May 1st. Again, I verified that the memory was TWIN2X2048-6400C4. I was satisfied so I left if at that.


Expecting the package had been sent to me, I e-mailed the RMA Department requesting the tracking number for the package to which I received the reply,


"Dear Kevin,


Our records indicate that we haven’t received your memory modules yet. Thank you for your patience.


So at this point I'm thinking am I back to square one now or what?!?!


I call the RMA department AGAIN and explain the situation. I talked to Jim and he said that I had a scheduled delivery for May 4th. May 4th, WHAT? You received the package on April 25th. What happened to shipping out replacements within 72 hours (probably sooner) ????? When I asked why the shipment was scheduled for May 4th, he said that there weren't any modules in stock. So I explained that the person I talked to on Friday said that there were MANY in stock and that I would receive the replacements today, the 30th or tomorrow, the 1st of May. Then he said he had to speak to his supervisor and he would call me back. Fine, I waited. He comes back saying that there aren't any in stock and that there's nothing that he can do. I simply don't believe it. I verified with the man I talked to on Friday TWICE that there were MANY in stock and now all of a sudden there aren't any in stock??? And thats why the shipment is set for May 4th??


This is simply unacceptable coming from a company like Corsair. I have purchased your memory for YEARS and now this??? I want something done and I want it done before May 4th. I need working memory for my computer ASAP and this experience with your Customer Service has been draining, stressful, frustrating, and DELAYED.

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Update: According to my delivery receipt that I just obtained, the person who signed for my package, R Duran, is Rodolfo Duran. I have the scanned label with his signature, the time, date, tracking number, and address of delivery. I can e-mail this to you if needed, thanks.
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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry for the problems you have experianced and I have sent a message to the Customer Service manager and asked them to address your concerns as well as asked them to let you know the status of your RMA. Please let me know if you have not been contacted in the nest few hours.


Please send me an email with your contact information so I can check this for you. ramguy@corsairmemory.com

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Thankyou! I was contacted about half an hour after your post on this thread and they have shipped the memory to me. Thankyou so much for helping me with this issue. Thanks to the customer support staff who helped as well. It is much appreciated!!!


After reading some of the posts on here, I'm worried that I'll only receive 1 of the two sticks that I sent in for RMA. Is there any way I can confirm that two 1GB sticks have been sent back to me??



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