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something wrong with hx520w psu(s)?


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i recently bought a new system with the hx520w ps to power it, here are the specs:


tt armor

c2d e4300

8800gts (640mb)

gigabyte 965p-ds3

wd 400gb hdd

and some fans (4 120mm), and optical drive.


the thing is i set it all up the other day, and it didnt power on at all, but it would run fine on my older computer (amd64 3200+, asus k8vse deluxe, 1g ram, x800xlaiw). i double checked everything and what really puzzles me is that my new system works completey stable with my old powersupply (enermax liberty 500w). from what ive heard from others it should be able to run my setup without a hitch? so i figured that it was not supplying the rated power or something, so i returned it and got a replacement one which i just hooked up and once again got the same result as before. like before, with the hx520, my new system wont turn on but my old one will.


does anyone know what could possibly be wrong? it cant be a problem with my new computer cause its working with the other supply perfectly (in fact im using it now to type this post), but at the same time how could it be the hx520? this is my second one, and it does work on my old computer, but not on my new one.


any help would be welcome.

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any help would be welcome.


I've personally used the HX520 and HX620 on the Gigabyte DS3 board so I know it works. Is it possible that you're not plugging in a cable correctly or there's a cable making bad contact somehow?


This is very bizarre, I've never heard of this before.

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