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NCT-D and 3x CM73DD1024R-400/S


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Ok here's the story:


I had 2x CM73DD1024R-400/S working on my Asus NCT-D for the longest time when I decided to get an extra gig from newegg.

They sent me a CM73DD1024R-400/M, I thought I'd try it anyway but it didn't work... Only 2gb posted (module was fine because I tried it by itself and with another single module). I got it rma'ed and got a proper CM73DD1024R-400/S but here's the kicker: it still doesn't work.

Could it be because the new module has a different timing or something ?


Is it because you need to have 2 pairs to fill both channels ?? Does that mean that one can't have 3gb on a dual-channel system ?? Do I have to get an extra module, then?


I couldn't find a proper answer anywhere (specially from asus), can anyone help me out ?? Thanks in advance !

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