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Bad Axe memory problems, fails orthos


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at 5 5 5 18 it's fine. that's the boards default. wont post to anything else. have turned of CIE, Watchdog, EIST. still wont post. If i change just one setting in memory, it won't post.


Fails Orthos after 10 mins, when testing memory


I can't even turn the memory up to 1.94, won't post


tired corsiar defaults ECC, 5 5 5 12 w/ 1.94v wont post


somethings wrong with this memory i think


latest bios too

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I was considering upgrading to 4gb, 2x2gb's.


1. Can u recommend the best ram for this motherboard?


2. Rather than give me the same ram back, can I be upgraded and charged the difference?


I had 4mbs but found out dif revisions aren't recommended. so I ebayed the oldest set. Anyway. Its been one ram problem after another.

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