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E-Mail Response from RMA Service


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I sent my broken RAM (tested with memtester under gentoo linux - it showed several errors) to the RMA Department some weeks ago and did not get any reply yet.

Also i did not get any reply to my emails to the adress rma@corsairmemory.com from last friday and this monday.

My Case No is #120065 (from http://tsxpress.corsairmemory.com/) and i also have an RMA Number which was clearly printed on the Package i sent to the RMA Department.


Does someone know what i could do to get any answer?

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I just called the RMA Department (from Germany Phone No: 001-8882224346) dialed "0" as told by "RAM Guy" and i got through to some kind Guy where i asked for the status of my RMA. It told him my RMA Number was 1000059 he checked and told me that my package (TwinX) is scheduled for shipment tomorrow with UPS.

So i should be receiving by the end of next week - we'll see if this happens.


(Still no answer by e-mail.)

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