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Also need RMA... one question though.

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I recently purcased a matched pair of XMS2, model # TWIN2X2048-6400. The first day I installed the memory I was running stability tests on the system (orthos/prime 95) and it was going good for a couple hours and then it errored out, I restarted the system and it went to a blank "no video signal" state. After a couple more restarts and messing with some system settings the computer simply refused to boot. After pulling some parts and moving the ram around in the slots, I concluded that one stick of memory was good and the other bad (doesn't POST with that stick in any slot whether the other stick is in or not).


Anyhow, I want to RMA the bad stick and keep the good stick, I don't care if it's serial number matched, I just want a functional 1 Gb stick of RAM and don't want to go a week or two without any memory, nor do I want to give up the good stick which is performing spectacularly at the moment.

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