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Faulty memory


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Have the troublesome Asus P5B-E Plus and Corsair Twin2x2048-6400 combo.

My system was highly unstable for a month. Finally, after tearing my PC (and hair) apart I searched these forums and got some answers.

Got a bit better after doing the bios-tuning suggested by RAM Guy, but still I get lockups and reboots when using memory intensive software.

Putting in one memorymodule at a time and running memtest, gives me loads of errors (somtimes memteste won't even start) on one of the modules, while the other runs perfectly.

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In the process of describing my problem, I guess I forgot to ask my question:

Is my case a RMA? If so, shall I send it to you or should I return it to the onlinestore I bought it from?

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