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3GB XMS 3500LLPRO question/problem


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Hello all.


I just bought another set of matched pair CMX1024-3500LLPRO modules to go with my current pair for a total of 4GB. I'm currently on vista home premium 32bit so I know I can't use the full 4gb. However, when I run the 3GB setup all memory shows to be available, the system boots up and everything works but the internet and some of my USB ports. I connect to the internet via linksys wireless G dongle. The USB port it's in shows the dongle to be working properly and everything. When I go back to the 2GB setup everything works fine again. Am I missing something in the BIOS, is there a certain way I need to install the modules such as 1 module in DIMM A1, A2 and B1 or whatever? Any help is appreciated. Please see my system specs on my setup. Also I'm unable to change any of the settings for DDR voltage. The whole memory menu is ghosted. I also have updated the BIOS to 1405.

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mate how did you come across a pair of these ram modules? ive been looking long and hard. many have had problems with more than a pair. eg. 3+ modules. apparently they drop to 333mmhz not much fun ay?

hope this helps you.

anyway if you no longer want a pair id be glad to buy from your surplus. name your price.

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offer still stands... i thought about your question and did some research into it, i found:

1. using 3+ modules of 3500llpro is not supported so either it doesnt like working or just slows down (i heard it slows to 333Mhz).

2. vista 32bit only supports up to 4gb but most have found it only sees 3gb due to hardware limits. (also heard of a case with OCZ Platinum 400DDR user enabled "memory hole". but again different ram modules and not overclocked)

3. vista 64bit can support 8gb or more yet it depends on hardware limitations agian

4. 2GB is heaps anyway. and at speeds of 2-3-2-6-T1 the 3500llpro modules there is no bottleneck in the ram...(correct me if im wrong)

5. read your manual on installing ram modules it will help.

hope any of this helps, DDR is now phased out so either very little support remains or time is running out on buying compatible sets.

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