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RAM Failure...

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I recently purchased a 1 gig set of VS512MB400 modules for a Dell Dimension desktop. The RAM worked flawlessly for 2 1/2 months.

Yesterday the system blue screen and immediately rebooted. On reboot the BIOS reported the following error... "Fatal Ram Error in ######..." on boot. I have tried multiple shutdowns and reboots and the Error Address changes randomly.

The PC does continue to boot past the error but is unstable with this module, randomly blue screening within the first 5 min in Windows XP Home SP2.

I have tried swapping the module into all the possible DIMM position and still get the BIOS errors.

When this module is removed, no BIOS errors, system runs stable. I have the system up and running for 6 hours now on the single 512 module and would like to pursue an RMA on the second module.





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