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Flash Voyager and OSX - Encryption?


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A quick question, we recently purchased 3 4G Voyagers for our office. One of them was intended for use with an iBook G4, which has a slot-loading disc drive, not a tray. The Corsair website and the package both indicate these are Mac compatible drives that come with software for encrypting files on the drives.


We received the drives and discovered the encryption software was TrueCrypt, supplied on minidiscs. There seems to be 2 problems here:


1. TrueCrypt, to my knowledge, hasn't been ported to OSX - it's only available for Windows and specific Linux platforms (and will not, again as far as I know, compile from source under OS X).

2. Minidiscs cannot be loaded into slot-loading CD drives.


The second problem is moot unless these are hybrid minidiscs with some form of OSX-compatible encryption software supplied on them. Is this the case?


If not the documentation is a bit misleading, the website and the package both indicate that these are Mac-compatible, but it turns out only the *drives* themselves are, not the encryption software supplied with them.


I tried searching the Corsair site for information on this but couldn't find any. Help? :(

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I am sorry, but the Drives are compatible with Apple, but the software will only function with Windows O.S. But you can search for applications using a Mac search engine and use a third party application if available.
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