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VS512MB400C3 Crashes with Markvision memory


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Hi; I Buy a computer two years ago with 2 Corsair ValueSelect 512 MB DDR 400 PC 3200 model: VS512MB400C3 in the Slots 2 and 3 on a Asus K8V-X Motherboard and all work fine untill last week, when I bougth a 1 GB Markvision DDR-400 PC3200 to up the sistem to 2GB, according the new recomended HW specs of the CAD Software of the office, but there Start the problems


Corsair Specs of VS512MB400C3 Value Select

DDR 400 PC 3200 Latency Timmings: 2.5 3 3 8

Markvision Specs (I don't had the exactly model because I yesterday returned the module)

DDR 400 PC 3200 Latency Timmings: 3 3 3 8


So It's supposed they will be compatible:confused:


I Install the new memory in the Slot 1 of the MB (the free one) and the system works fine for 30 minutes, but in the middle of the instalation of the 2007 version of the CAD software than we use in the office; appears a Windows system error "BSOD" :laughing:


Ok we restart the system, and the error appears over and over, every time when I open 2 or more programs (or one bigger like the 2006 version of the CAD software)


I thinked maybe the OS was corrupted when I tryed to install 2 versions of the same CAD; so I backup everything and Format C:............wrong idea, I even can install windows when the systems falls down, so I think....mmm HW problem,


After discard HDD, and the memory position on the MB, the problem still there, So I extract the Markvision memory and nothing......I tryed the system only with the Markvision memory and all works fine, windows was succesfully installed and the stability of the sistem was good, load the CAD Software, ETC off Course the 2007 load very Slow and the 2006 works normally


(first I've install the 2007 version and when the test was enought; I' uninstall the 2007 version and install the 2006 version (with all the reset required by the system))


So now was the time to test the corsair memorys one by one; I test the first 512 module and works fine; slow but fine; but when I test the second module; the system GO back to the Reset Status,


So I've conclused the module was failed


BTW I've test the Good module with the markvision memory and No problem :biggrin: , anyway I go to change the markvision memory yesterday for a new module of 1GB, to stay the system in 1.5 GB


Tomorrow I retired the new module and I plan pay the diference between the Markvision Memory and the corsair one, But I need to Know If I could use the RMA for the failed module, Fisically looks good:laughing:


BTW I'm On Santiago, Chile

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