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Ram Issues!!


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my computer is close to 3 yrs old running a AMD XP 2700, (2) 512 DDR 400, Nvidia GeForce 7800 GS on a Asus a7n8x motherboard. For close to three years i've had no problems with it and then last week it decided to act up. First it started with a couple of restarts. A couple of freezes and then just restarts after windows finished loading. I've ruled out everything else but the memory. i have both sticks in duel channeling mode with an extra slot free. So I decided to run the computer on one stick. It worked. No reboots no freezes, nothing. Smooth and clean. To rule out the other slots having problems I switched the stick to the other two slots with no problems. Then I took out that stick and I put the other stick in by itself and everything ran smooth again. Slid the stick over to the other slots too and everything was smooth. I put the two back together in both duel channeling and single channeling mode and it froze and it restarted. What's the deal? Defective memory?
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