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Whether corsair DDR2 800/XMS2 is supported by Inel DG965RY


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please tell me whether i can use corsair DDR2 800 or xms2 of corsair on my intel DG965RY and i have pentium D 3.4 GHz 800FSB


That memory might not work properly on your motherboard. None of Intel's own 965-series chipset-based motherboards have any provision at all whatsoever to manually adjust the DIMM voltage. And all of the XMS2 series DDR2-800 DIMMs require 2.1V DIMM voltage in order to work properly. (Unfortunately, the DG965RY motherboard's DIMM voltage is permanently fixed at between 1.75V and 1.8V - too low for any performance-oriented DDR2 modules to run reliably. And with the DIMM voltage that low, your system will POST, but will experience crashes, program errors and memory dumps a lot more frequently than usual due to the mismatch in the DIMM voltage requirements.)


And since you have an 800FSB CPU, Intel dictates that you can run memory only up to DDR2-667 speed due to the restrictions on all of Intel's on-motherboard DDR2 memory controllers. (After all, DDR2-800 memory does not run synchronously with an 800FSB processor; in fact, DDR2-800 memory will run at double the actual FSB clock speed of an "800FSB" processor - 400MHz versus 200MHz.) You will need at least a 1066FSB CPU in order to run DDR2-800 memory at its full speed.


Because of all of the restrictions and limitations mentioned above, your best bet for Corsair-branded memory would be one of the Value Select VS#GBKIT667D2 series kits such as the VS2GBKIT667D2.

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