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ASUS Striker CPU .with Corsair Dominator 6400 C4


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From reading around it seems I'm not the only one completely screwed on this.


I went from nforce 590sli (foxconn) with 4gb worth of the dominator kits over to the ASUS striker and everything has gone south.


System build:

ASUS Striker

4gb cosair dominator 6400c4

core 2 e6400

2x evga 8800gts

Lian-Li pc 1000-V

pc power and cooling 750 quad

1x dvd RW

2x seagate sata HD


I couldn't even get the system to post for the longest time, it just hung on CPU INIT and wouldn't go farther. After spending hours swapping out the sticks in different slots I managed to get into the BIOS by sticking one stick into the 4th RAM slot and set VDIMM to 2.1 then rebooted. While loading XP it crashed and now I'm stuck back on CPU INIT. I can't see the bios or do anything. I went back to swapping out sticks and no joy.


I know all of the hardware is good since (all but the board and the core 2 proc) came from my AMD build and I tested it all back then and that build never had a problem.


I've seen some posts from RAM guy on here for what to set once I get into the BIOS but I need to get past CPU INIT and into it first.


Help please.




I just realized I fat fingered the title, sorry




I'm debating ditching ASUS and moving to the abit 680i, I've had extremely good experiences with abit for years so that is an option. However I'd rather make this board work then go through hassle of sending it back for another (it seems the entire 680i range is a cluster ***). I'd like to know though if I'd run into similar problems, since I know some people are having headaches with that board and this ram as well.

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Well I got the system up and working.


I had to use an cheap DDR2 667 part from work that only needs 1.8v to get into the bios. Went into the system and raised all the voltages and set things to where they should be, and it's running fine now.


Other then PC probe going berserk claiming my VTT voltage is at 1.58 (it's set to 1.4) there don't seem to be any lingering issues!

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