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Power Supply died? Corsair HX620W


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I have just built up a new box ready to install Linux and when I powered on for the first time, it came to life and I opened the BIOS setup screens, but after a few seconds there was a "pop", a smell of hot electronics and the machine died.


The kit is:-

Corsair HX620W

Intel Core2 Duo E6600



2x1GB DDR2 800 RAM

WD 120GB SATA disk



On inspection, the mains socket was dead as the distribution fuse (10A on 230V 50Hz) was blown.


I dismantled everything in the PC and there were no obvious flash marks and no signs of anything having shorted to the wires or MB. I minimised the setup to just a motherboard/cpu/RAM and video card, but when I turned on the PSU mains switch, it blew the fuse again, before I even touched the computer front panel power switch.


My thoughts are that the basic installation must have been ok, as the machine got into the BIOS screens, so it must have been 99% or more good at that point (I remember seeing on the screen that it detected the HDD and DVD devices before I got the BIOS setup screens). If the fault was with the mother board, I would have expected the PSU to subsequently refuse to handle the power on switch signal if the DC side had any overload/short.


The fact that the primary power switch-on blows my distribution fuse makes me suspect a fairly major fault on the high power side.


I will go back to my supplier on Monday, but I would appreciate a second opinion based on my description.



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Hello Ram Guy,


I took it back to the supplier on the Monday and he tested it by plugging it in to the mains with nothing attached. When he switched it on there was a nice blue flash and it tripped his circuit breaker. "OK, I think it's dead" he said and gave me a receipt.


On Tuesday I got a call that a new supply was available and I collected it and installed it.


Thankfully, the new machine had not been hurt; I was worried that the HV side fault had punched through to the low voltage side and zapped the MB, Disk or CPU.


It fired up first time and I was able to install Fedora Core 6 successfully.


I agree with other users that the supply is quiet and cool. After the initial shock, I am quite glad I bought this supply and would consider it again for any other machines I build.



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