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VS1GSDS333 in Toshiba M30 - Malfunction


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I bought a new VS1GSDS333 Module and put it into Tosh Satellite M30. The Module ist listed for that Type of Laptop Series on Memory Finder.

Unfortunately Memtest says Bad Sectors! Module itself gets recognized as 1024MB Module, working at correct Speed and Clock. No System Beep or Error is given at Startup. Of course, OS ist not able to run an ends up in Bluescreen with Hardware-Error-Message.

Taking the new Module out and replacing it with the old 512 (256) Module works fine.

What can I do?

Can you tell me the difference betwenn ValueSelect and SystemSelect? Is there any and if in what way?

Can changing to SystemSelect solve the Problem? And why are both Modules listed if only one works for Upgrade?

Use is currently: 2x256 MB in both Slots of the Laptop.

Target is: 1x1024 + 1x256 in both Slots resulting in 1280 MB total Memory. This Combination does NOT work, but even the single Module 1024 does not work as Standalone installed.


Thanks for your advice already at this time.

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Let's get it replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace them or it.


The VS1GSDS333 and CMSS1GB-333 modules are functionally the same. CMSS parts are built with a restricted bill of materials deemed to provide the best compatibility with OEM systems. As such, we often do not have the capability to use low cost material.


CMSS parts are guaranteed to be compatible. If there is a problem, we will work with you to fix it, or give you your money back if we can not. VS parts are guaranteed (with a lifetime warranty) to be good parts, but we do not guarantee compatibility with any particular systems. If a VS part does not work, it gets tested and either repaired or (usually) replaced with another VS part.

I expect that the VS part will work correctly in your system. And, of course, Corsair's lifetime warranty is in full effect if it does not. Our confidence of first pass success is highest, however, with CMSS parts.

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Thanks for fast Help.


Now this is something strange: My reseller did not (and still does not) offer CMSS-Parts.

I am not sure if you can keep the promise of lifetime guarantee support in my case. I'm actually writing this from Germany - so this is some kind of international support - is that included in your service?

Or would it be better to talk to the reseller here first? Now that's what i'm up to to Monday or Tuesday this week. Maybe this will be a quicker fix of the problem.


Thank you.

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