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Foxconn P9657AA and Corsair XMS2-6400 Stability Issues


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Hi All,


I've recently tried to build my first Core2Duo machine (a replacement for a rock-solid Athlon PC that I'd build last year). Well, I didn't think it would be difficult, ordered the parts, assembled, turned it on- and all seemed fine, that was until I attempted to install XP.


So, I got part way through the installation process and I got a BSOD- strange. So, I tried a different installation disk, same problem different place ... hmmm. Took the machine to bits, put it back together, ran the installation again and it seemed to work- installed windows. So, thinking all of my problems were behind me, I booted windows, it worked for a few minutes and then my machine reset itself. After this, windows wouldn't boot at all, would get part way through the boot and then reset the machine.


At this point I started playing about with the memory (at the time ******** memory- which was the only memory available from the site I bought the bits from at the time). After extensive playing with dual channel, single channel and various timing changes I was unable to get the 2 peices of memory working together in an harmonious fashion, lots of system restarts. So, I bought some Corsair XMS2 6400-800MHz memory (2x1GB) and sent the ******** stuff back. The Corsair memory arrived next day, I immediately whapped it into the machine and, low-and-behold, the machine booted perfectly- everything seemed to be fine; well for a few hours atleast, and then the old problems started emerging again- random reboots, ocassionally starting windows- sometimes resetting before starting windows.


I seem to be only able to get a single peice of RAM working, in a stable fashion, in this mobo- with just the 1GB stick with default timings, all seems fine- but I really want the 2GB to work ... help !!!


So, after a week of refunds, replacements, rebuilds and reinstalls I feel there are a few options open to me:


1) Keep running with 1 peice of RAM and hope it stays stable

2) Keep trying all the possible timings with the 2 pieces of RAM (which takes forever with this mobo

3) Get the RAM replaced; I doubt it's faulty tho (would that be unusual to get 2 sets of RAM from 2 manufacturers with 1 faulty stick in each pack)?

4) Replace the Motherboard for something which is recommended to work with this RAM


I would appreciate any help you guys could offer- I really am at the end of my tether with this machine .. if it weren't so big, it'd have been chucked out the window long before now !

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Well, after alot of messing around, visiting sites and failed memtest86 runs, I tried one last configuration which seems (touch wood, fingers cross) to be stable- with the following configuration:


Memory installed in slots 1 & 4 to operate in a Single Channel configuration

DRAM timings set to 5-5-5-15 with a 2v setting on the DRAM Voltage


So far- been up all day- no problems, no crashes with both memory modules installed.


I am still interested to know if anyone else has had any problems and if they know of the "Correct" solution to getting these memory modules stable in the P9657AA mobo.



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Unfortunately, all my other systems are only DDR, not the DDR2- and, looks like I spoke too soon, worked fine for 24 hour, I rebooted this morning and become unstable again- removed the second memory module and back to a stable system (and only 1GB of RAM :[pouts: ).


I'd appreciate any assistance anyone can offer with this- I'd be happy to get a new motherboard at this stage if it will give me a stable system.

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Please, anyone !!!

I wish I had help to offer. :(: But all I can offer is just sharing that I am in a similar predicament and so I can appreciate how disappointing and frustrating it is.


Mine is with an ASUS board, but similar (if not the same) 6400 ram.


Hopefully Ram Guy can help us both on Monday.

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Good to have a sympathiser if nothing else, thanks


Update: And now it would appear even the single stick of memory is exhibiting signs of instability! This all seemed like such a good idea when I decided to upgrade :(


Life is too short to keep messing around with this, I'm now considering a new motherboard, was looking at the following:


EVGA nForce 680i SLI Deluxe or LT


Anyone had any experience of this board with Corsair Memory?

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  • Corsair Employees
Did you try and set the memory voltage to 2.0 Volts? If so and you still want to replace the MB, the Deluxe version of the 680I MB would be the best option, the LT version is the cost down model if they follow normal naming schemes. But I would check with the MB maker to be sure and compare the options
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Yeah, Ramguy, set the Voltage to +0.2 (which after a lot of googling would take the voltage up to 2.0v from the stock 1.8v). Would be nice if they'd say in the manual what the "Default" voltage is, rather than just "Default".


So, after almost 2 weeks of tinkering, I've bitten the bullet, cut my losses and put in an order today for the 680i Deluxe MB, should arrive tomorrow for another build extravaganza at the weekend ... fingers crossed, by Saturday, all my problems will be resolved.


Thanks for your assistance RamGuy.

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Well, new motherboard arrived, unpacked it, whapped out the old board, whapped in the new 680i, installed the Corsair memory (both peices) and ... nothing, the system would not boot :( I removed one of the peices of memory and it booted just fine and was stable.


So, I thought- well, might be an old BIOS, let's update that and give it a whirl, downloaded the latest BIOS, used the Nvidia live update utility, flashed that bad boy, rebooted .. now nothing works :mad:


So, new Mboard going back, old one in for the time being (1GB only) and I'm RMA'ing that board - however, I still don't have the confidence that the 2GB will work in the replacement board- can you give me any advice for that board?

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