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Faulty TWINX1024-3200XLPT

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I am having a problem with the Xtra Low Latency 2-2-2-5 TWINX1024-3200XLPT DDR ram. When I first built this computer, I got this same ram but it was shipped in an open package which I assumed caused the faulty errors and blue screens. I sent it back in to NEWEGG where I purchased it and got a new set that hasn't caused any problems until now. Going on 2 years, with a stable system, I start receiving blue-screens around November of 2006. I ran memtest checks over night a few months back with no errors being reported. I have also thoroughly cleaned my computers case. After that, the problem kinda seemed to go on and off, sometimes I'd go weeks without getting an error, some times it'd be 3 times within a day. I sent the minidump files to an online forum and one person said that the cause for my random blue screens was because of my ram. I don't know what else to do or what else I could possibly check. I will leave the MEMTEST on over night tonight just to double check, but if you can fill me with any other information that would be useful please let me know. Perhaps something in my bios settings are messed up? :[



Windows XP Profession SP2

Asus-A8N SLI-Deluxe Motherboard

Tru 550w Antec PSU

XFX Geforce 6800gt PCI-E 256MB Videocard

Western Digital Caviar SE 120GB Harddrive SATA

2 Optical DVD drives.




Ran the most updated version of memtest86+ and it passed 17 times but I apparently got a blue screen while I was sleeping. ???? :[

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I've had several different STOP messages. Some don't specify a certain problem.




I've posted the MINIDUMP analyze files in a .rar format if you'd like to look at them.



I just went into my bios settings and saw that my DDR Voltage was on AUTO so I changed it v2.85 like you said. Maybe it was getting too much voltage causing it to be unstable? I also noticed that my Latency settings on the ram were also auto, I fixed them so they would function at 2-2-2-5 like stock.

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