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disappearance of one from my two memory


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i received one of my

two module!!!:mad:


i send you a twin 1024-6400 modules (2 modules!! )


only one of my two modules don't worked but i send you the two modules

and you returned me only one module!!


BUT with my parcel it was written Returning Qty: 1

Returning Part #: CM2X1024-6400


for me 2X 1024-6400 wanted to say 2 modules!:o:

bref,YOU you didn't see that there was 2 modules in my parcel?:evil:


can you send me my other module ASAP?:confused:


my RMA:R243703


thank you to you RAM GUY

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  • Corsair Employees

You RMA request was for one CM2X1024-6400 and that was what you got, you should have submitted the request for one Twin2x2048-6400 and then sent both modules. I have asked Customer Service to Contact you.


And they just told me they will ship you two modules on the 20th, you can call the person you skope to at 888-222-4346 or 510-657-8747 Ext "0".

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I sent a message to Warranty@corsairmemory.com

and i need an answer :!:


I hold specified that it stay marked on the parcel that there were two modules inside, and that only one of the two modules don't work!

in more you say"We will only replace the product which we physically receive".:roll:

in conclusion you do nothing,only return me,the modules who work!:sigh!:

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As I said before I am sorry that you are having trouble, but you need to talk to our customer service please call them at 510-657-8747 Ext "0" or send them an email at RMA@corsairmemory.com and they will help you.


I already sent a message to RMA@corsairmemory.com and they don't help because they do not answer me!

has of contact you or to find me a solution!

(i am in france i can't phone)



and now? has each time RAMGUY will come on the forum, it will always tell me the same thing.....?

I exposed you my broblem, and RMA@corsairmemory.com don't answer me and I cant phone!

can you do something to help me?

for exemple: inform someone that there is a problem here and that it will be necessary to find a solution instead of beating about the bush.


thank you very much in advance

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that made more than 24 hours and still not news of your supposedly "customer service"has which you have "asked them to contact me ASAP!"


since the beginning, nothing changed..


i don't send a email because:


No, no email. I called them. Email seems to be totally useless as it can be more easily ignored...


can you reasked them to contact you ASAP!!

but ensure that they make something for me this time:!: :evil:

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I live in France Wired:sunglasse


I had an answer by supplementing another form "RMA Form"






Thank you for choosing Corsair!

We are sorry to see you are experiencing problems with one of our products. Below are the details for your warranty replacement


RMA Number: 1004154


CM2X1024-6400 1

Warranty Return Address:

Corsair Memory, Inc.

RMA Dept.

Attn: RMA# 1004154

46221 Landing Parkway

Fremont, CA 94538

(510) 657-8747

Packaging Instructions:

· DO NOT return any memory modules, SD cards or UBS drives in standard mailing envelopes. Only use a padded envelope

or box.

· It is the responsibility of the customer to return the product to Corsair. We strongly recommend using a carrier that will

provide you with a tracking number for the return as well as the option for insurance. Corsair is not liable for any lost or

stolen packages. Corsair will only issue replacements for the product that we physically receive.

· Please make sure your name, shipping address & assigned RMA # are on the outside of the package. UPS & FedEx

shipping stores do not include your address on the shipping label. It is important that your contact details, name, address,

telephone # & RMA# are also included inside the package.

· Please include a copy of this RMA confirmation within your package.

Corsair's replacement Commitment:

· Once your package is received and the contents verified against your original RMA request, Corsair will process your RMA

and prepare an order for shipment. This process takes 24-48hrs.

· Although most replacement orders ship within 48hrs of the package being received occasionally a product is back ordered

which can cause delays. If we are unable to ship your replacement order within 3-4 business days we will contact you and

provide an ETA on your replacement order.

· All replacement orders are shipped via UPS service. A tracking # will be sent to you at the time we ship your replacement


Thanks again for choosing Corsair! We look forward to supporting your future memory needs!


RMA Support Team

TF - 888-222-4346

Main - 510-657-8747





i need help,i don't understand that i must do:

i send this email by postal letter?

or they send me my other modules and i juste wait?

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I believe that the person me having send me this email, did not understand my problem


i would very much appreciate to recive the contact detail or a private message for RAMGUY or the manager responsible for the RMA department

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  • Corsair Employees

First thing, you are making multiple posts and I have to assume that you are sending multiple emails as well. And if this is the case then this is why you are getting so many different emails. I would suggest you stop and just contact threw the person I had contact you Hussain K.

I will ask Hussain to check on your RMA and send you a follow up email.

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I hold has to say that I received only one salt email and

I send much email because I do not have any answer :sigh!:


if Hussain K arrives has to find a solution and that it contacts me, I would like to say to you "thank you!" for your assistance despite everything his sudden change of mood and my average English

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I still do not have a news of Hussain K,but but, I have good news:

"We have your missing module scheduled to be shipped on May 2, 2007."by Kelvin Djunaedi

RMA Support


its does not come from Hussain K (but it is possible that is him which advanced the things )


according to that i understood, I will have my modules on May 2, 2007 ??!:):

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