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Tyan Thunder K8SRE Memory Issues


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I recently purchased a Tyan Transport GT24 (B2891) barebone system which contains a Tyan Thunder K8SRE(S2891) motherboard. I have installed 2x Operton 275 processors and 4 sticks of Corsair CM72SD1024RLP-3200 (Samsung K4H510838C-UCCC) modules.


I have been having issues with the system crashing randomly and locking up so sent it back to the supplier who confirmed the crashes and then tested it for a week with their own ATP ram without any issues. Unfortunately they did not supply the ram so did not bother to try isolate any problems with it. As soon as it was returned and my Corsair was reinstalled the issues began again. After suspecting that one of the Corsair modules may be faulty, my tech and I have tried all combinations of 2 sticks of the ram in the system but the issues are still present. Lately the machine will not even post when any Corsair modules are installed.


Tyan states this memory is compatible with the board here . I checked the Corsair compatibility page but only found the K8SR Tyan board not the K8SRE.


I find it highly unlikely that all 4 sticks are faulty. Are there any known issues with these modules not functioning correctly on this board or are there any suggestions as to what BIOS settings may be causing the problem? If I cannot find a resolution to this quickly I will be forced to buy ATP modules which would be a major let down as I have always trusted the Corsair brand :[pouts:

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