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TWIN2X2048-8500C5D issues / memtest?


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Started having issues after I installed my TWIN2X2048-8500C5D which i posted about earlier. The computer turns itself off when under load (ie games or memtest)


So I was trying the sticks with memtest one stick at a time. and they both caused the computer to shut down without giving an error.......which doesnt seem like memory stick failure?


But it was under my impression that memtest would really only be using the motherboard, processor, and memory to run the program. Which means one of those had to have failed. (at this point i would guess the motherboard evga 690i =/ )


Anyway, ive also heard that it will test the memory of my graphics card durring memtest, which might cause this issue?


I still think its my motherboard but I am curious to know if memtest is effected or tests GPU memory?

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Turns out...


One of the latches came slightly loose on the CPU heatsink. Which still made decent contact and made an acceptable idle temp of 39-40 C (which is still high but i didnt know what to expect from the stock heatsink) which made me think it wasnt the CPU.


Out of curiosity though i put it on load and watched the temps, and they were 150C ++ before i turned the computer off.


But after reinstalling the heatsink tightly, I am idling at 27C solid, and load temps under 50c. And all my problems are fixed.



Thanks for the help

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