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Striker Extreme + 4x cm2x1024-6400pro


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Cant find the post i saw a couple of weeks ago, anywayz here it goes;


Bought 2 pairs of ddr2 twinx cm2x1024-6400pro, started a clean vista install, wich couldnt be carried out becoz the system was not even going further then the striker extreme logo, it kept on rebooting, pretty annoying.


Took 1 pair out, system was running great, second pair in total mayhem.

Went to this forum tried the 667 mhz option, wich worked, but somehow uncle gates forgot to think about people with 4 memsticks in a pc and vista said only 2816mb of ram was avaible, wich is not the biggest problem but ok.

The score of the memory in vista was 5.4, and it's clear the memory is slowing down the system, coz benchmarking the system with 1 pair in (evrything on auto in bios) gives a score of 12195, with 2 pairs at 667 it gives me a score of 12771 .... I'm not einstein but 576 points of diffrence with 2gb of ram extra is total poo.

So i want to run them like the package said, 800mhz i didnt buy them to underclock them :)



Updated bios to 1004, still same problem.

Mailed asus itself and called them, they told me to speak to corsair, coz the problem was there, not with the motherboard.

So here i am :)

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