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NF68 P27 bios issue


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I had just put together the system listed in my signature with the P26 bios. System ran great. A week later the P27 bios was released, I updated the bios, and started having random BSOD. They eventually became permenant. I had read in your forum that there was a problem with the Dominator memory failing. I ran Memtest v1.71 and it showed that I had a memory failure. I narrowed it down to one stick.


While waiting for Corsair to contact me about an RMA, I decided to flash back to the P26 bios. I placed one stick at a time and ran Memtest, then both sticks, with no errors. The system was up and running for 2 days without a BSOD. I then reflashed the bios to P27 (I'm a glutten for punishment) and reconfiguring my bios, the system would not get past the log in screen and would crash. Memtest again showed memory errors.


I flashed back to the P26 bios and everything is normal again. Not a single BSOD.


If you are utilizing the Dominator memory and are having problems since going to P27 bios, your solution is the P26 bios

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