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TWINX1024-3200LL, one module bad


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I have TWINX1024-3200LL that I installed on an Asus P4P800 Deluxe motherboard in Nov. 2003. At that time I tested the memory with MemTest-86 V3.0. The bios settings used were CAS 2.5, RAS Precharge 3, RAS to CAS 3, Precharge Delay 7, and Burst Len 8. The two modules passed testing at 2.55v, 2.65v, and 2.75v; so I have been running these at 2.65v. In Nov. 2004, I moved these DIMMs to a new Asus P4C800-E Deluxe motherboard and I used the same bios settings. Neither of these two computers are overclocked. The 3200LL memory was not tested again until April 2007 when I purchased TWINX2048-3200C2PT to upgrade the P4C800-E system.


In April 2007, I used MemTest to check the 3200LL in the P4C800-E system before replacing that memory with 2 GB of 3200C2. My plan was to then move the 3200LL memory to my P4P800 computer.


Test 1 -- Dimms were installed in the blue slots (a1 and b1) of the P4C800-E Deluxe. Memtest V3.0 reported 7 errors in the first 3 tests of pass 1. This result came as a real surprise to me because the system had always seemed to be running fine.


Test 2 -- I increased the DDR voltage from 2.65v to 2.75v. Memtest V3.0 posted 7 errors within 3 minutes.


Test 3 -- For this test I used the newer Memtest-86 V3.3. The ram speed was reported as 199 mhz, bios settings 2.5-3-3-7, PAT: disabled, FSB: 199, CPU ext. freq.: 200, dram freq.: auto, cpu vcore: auto. After 10 minutes the error count was 39.


Test 4 -- I removed the dimm from slot b1 and ran the test with the remaining module operating in single channel mode. No errors were reported after 11 hours (about 30 passes).


Test 5 -- Repeat of the previous test but I moved the single dimm from slot a1 to b1. After 4 hours 11 minutes (11 passes) there were 0 errors.


Test 6 -- I left the "good" module in slot b1 and inserted the other dimm in slot a1. I ran Memtest86 V3.3 for 2 hours 27 minutes and got 153 errors.


Test 7 -- This is a single channel test running only the suspected bad module (it was in slot a1). After 2 hours 6 minutes there were 131 errors.


Test 8 -- I moved the suspected bad module from slot a1 to slot b1 and ran Memtest again with the dimm operating in single channel mode. The error count was 32 after 2 hours 10 minutes.


Final test -- I installed the TWINX2048-3200C2PT in slots a1 and b1 of the P4C800-E and ram Memtest 86 V3.3 for a 11 hours -- there were no errors.


My conclusion is that my P4C800-E Deluxe motherboard is OK, that one of the 3200LL modules is operating well, and that the other 3200LL memory module has a problem. I'm not an expert with Memtest, but it seemed to me that Memtest was reporting a problem at a specific location and that the same err-bits were being reported for each failure.

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