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GA-965P-S3, can anyone recommend some RAM (not listed in the automated system)


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I am using a GA-965P-S3 Gigabyte motherboard. I recently bought some RAM that either was broken or incompatible with my board, and was given a refund by the retailer. I was hoping I could get some recommendations on the RAM for my MOBO.


I am open to using either 2 sticks or 4, I want a minimum of 2 GB RAM, possibly 4 GB if it is affordable. I did a search on the forums here, and one post suggested (Unless I misunderstood) that I only use two sticks of RAM instead of 4 for better performance.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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2 sticks more expensive. 4 sticks is reasonably affordable with recent price drop.


32bit Windows can only see 3-3.5GB. 64bit can see all but some software are not compatible to run in 64. Alternative is to turn 1GB or more into a Ram-Drive and place Windows Virtual Memory paging file into it.


Hints dealing with compatibility issues...


Order your rams with a simple terms attached such as "I will only pay if it is stress tested reliably for 48hrs with Memtest86+ 1.70 in my computer, placed at your shop."


Ask them not to end the tests except when you are there to verify the elapsed test time.


Some DDR2-800MHz modules seemed to be have serious compatibility issues with certain motherboards.

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