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ASUS P5N32-E SLI + 4x CM2X1024 - 6400C4


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Hey guys,


i've got a problem with the board and the ram mentioned in the title.


I know using 4GBs of ram isn't that easy in that board, but the problem is:


On booting Vista (even installer) i've got severeal bluescreens with all the memory installed. but with 2 modules is works pretty good. after installing vista 64, i tried several memory timings and noticed that vista does also boot with 4GB and works without error in memtest or prime95 in the case of no BSOD.


i thought the problem is solved but at next boot i got a bluescreen again.


i've searched on the internet and found a post from ramguy in this forum. he recommends:


disabled SLI Ready

tcl: 4

trcd: 4

trp: 4

tras: 12

ram voltage: 2.0V

command rate: 2T

trc: 22

trfc :24


i've tested this settings at different speeds 533, 667, 800, 853...linked and unlinked and auto.


i've even tested with everting on auto - no change.


the system does boot vista only every 5.-6. try or less.


i dont have much experience with DDR2, but i think it must have something to do with the ram, because the system does boot evertime, if only 2 modules in dual channel are in (both bank combinations tested).


if somebody has got this configuration to work or has a clue what the problem might be - i would be grateful






PS: if more information is needed - please ask

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Please do a search for that problem on http://www.microsoft.com/technet there is a update to solve that issue with Vista and 4 gig of memory as long as the system is passing http://www.memtest.org. And with 4 modules you should be running the memory frequency at DDR667 and I would suggest just letting the Bios set the timings.
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thx ram guy,


i've had already found the patch and it looks like it solved the prob with the patch.


im running the 4 modules with the default settings 800mhz 4-4-4-12 2T 2.0V since installation without problems.


thank you anyway...


greetings from germany



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