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I'm about to purchase 2x1gb for my intel mac mini (ddr2 667 So-DIMM). I came across corsair for the new "Mac Memory" line.

It says... "Corsair’s Mac Memory offers a full line of choices for upgrading the MacBook, the MacBook Pro and the Intel-based versions of the iMac family."

No explicit mention of the mac mini here. The Memory guide search directs me to the value select line of So-DIMMS. Since many people have problems with these in their mac mini i would rather go with the "mac memory" line.

Will these work even if the mac mini is not explicitly mentioned (maybe not yet tested or really incompatible)?

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Last Mac was a Mac LC II I used from 92-97. Still have it, although I haven't booted it in ages. Been thinking about getting a Mac Mini for kicks, but awaiting the next version upgrade, and the rumored Mac Media Center (cross between iTV and Mac Mini).


Prices look a LOT better than from Apple (just checked NewEgg). Is VSA2GSDSKIT667D2 for Apple desktops and laptops?

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