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I think I have a bad Stick of RAM.

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I have a TWINX pack of 3200C2 RAM with the info on label as follows:

CMX1024-3200C2 XMS3202v1.6 0625089-4


One of the sticks does not allow me to boot no matter which memory slot I put it in. I do a complete CMOS reset between each attempt.


The stick which does allow me to boot and that provides a stable operating environment passes memtest with flying colors.


I have also tried both sticks together in multiple configurations and no boot is achieved.




Please help.

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When am I going to receive a reply on my RMA request. You seemed to think it was a simple matter by the way that you saw what I wrote and said 'lets get them replaced', no fuss no muss. I would assume that the RMA dept would follow your lead and be efficient in their actions. Please advise.
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