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Bad Ram VS1GSDS667D2


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I purchased two 1G modules that appeared to be functioning fine in my Dell Inspiron E1705 Duo-Core. Last week I started getting system errors for the ram stating that it needed to be reseated. After doing this several times and getting some stability for a day or two, the boot sequence failed entirely, often not even making it to BIOS. After experimenting with the modules and running MEMTest, its quite clear that one of the modules no longer works. The other is fine and works well even paired on my duo-core with the original ram. The chip is a VS1GSDS667D2, its SN/Product# is 176529 0642012-0. I've tested it as best as I can in house, and in both slots and with other pairings. This one module is the problem. I think it needs a replacement. Help.



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