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Solution to "generic volume can not be "


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I have 1GB flash voyager. my XP labtop began to give an error when ı want to eject it. I have found the solution. my sweetty flash disk is working as in old days :)

may be my solution works for you too:


download unlocker 1.8.5 and see which process is using flash derive (my case: explorer.exe -spyware make explorer to use flash drive-)


download listplus to see "drive information" directory in the flashdisk. copy listplus to flash drive, and open a command promt, type DRIVER_LETTER: , my case F:, then type list,listplus make you to see directories that you cannot see in windows or dos. in my case in the "drive information" directory there was an executable file, it was a virus, but not too many virus or spyware tool could catch it.(even formatting cannot eliminate it becuse your computer has that spy too)and there was some other files in the flash drive I deleted them too. ("autorun.inf" file make windows to open a window what to do when you plug the flash disk, delete that file to spyware effected that file too)


if u see any executable in the drive with list tool, this means you are facing with a spyware, just download a a good spyware tool, scan your computer.


check the registry:

start->run and type regedit, then follow this:

Open Registry Editor. Click Start>Run, type REGEDIT, then press Enter.

In the left panel, double-click the following:


Windows NT>CurrentVersion>Winlogon

In the right panel, locate the entry:

Userinit = "%System%\userinit.exe,%System%\DisMgnt.exe"

(Note: %System% is the Windows system folder, which is usually C:\WINNT\System32 on Windows NT and 2000, and C:\Windows\System32 on Windows XP and Server 2003.)

Right-click on the value name and choose Modify. Change the value data of this entry to:


Still in the right panel, locate the entry:

Shell = "{Malware path and file name}"

Right-click on the value name and choose Modify. Change the value data of this entry to:


Close Registry Editor.






(by the way corsair should send me a gift :) I was about to go to the tech shop where I bought my flash disk, I am sure many people thought that their flash disk were went off because off such a spyware :)

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