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Indestructable... oh yes!


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Some of you may remember last year (May 29 2006) that I posted the story of leaving my voyager flash drive in my pocket and then washing my trousers.

Well I was v. impressed that it survived, but here is part 2...

My son, for one reason or another, stood on the passenger seat of my car. Sadly my 256Mb stick was on the seat, under his foot and it didn't survive... or so I thought.

The metal end connector was bent at least 45 deg out of alignment and bending it back snapped the connections. I should have thown it away then, but I was curious. I removed all the rubber casing and then soldered the connections back and encased it in resin. It WORKS! and the light illuminates when data is transferred. I promise to take more care in future, but then again why should I? These little babies are truly indestructable.

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