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I want to order 4 x 1 GB of RAM... bad idea? (GA-965GM-S2 mobo)


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Hi Guys,


I have a Gigabyte GA-965GM-S2 (rev 1.0) motherboard. The Memory configurator recommends "TWIN2X2048-6400C4", which I would like to order -- it's pretty cheap on NewEgg! Plus a rebate? Woo! -- but I am leery of actually having 4 sticks of RAM in this motherboard.


I previously had 4 sticks of another company in there but Vista Ultimate (32-bit) would blue-screen during boot complaining about an ACPI 2.0 compatible BIOS. 2 GB worked okay. Gigabyte said that the problem was I didn't use sticks that were on some compatibility list, etc., and the heatspreaders were real flimsy, etc... I RMA'd them and only now have the money to replace them, heh.


Anyway, here is gigabyte's compatibility list: PDF Link. I know the manual for that board says that, in order to use 4 sticks of RAM, you need to use Double-Sided RAM.


So, will 2 orders of this RAM work for me? It's on Corsair's compatibility list but not on GB's. I just don't want to get burned again.


I know that 4 GB of RAM won't quite show up in a 32-bit system (and I might go 64... but that is to be worried about later). I just want to know if my machine will boot with these sticks.


Thanks for your help.

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I went ahead and ordered the 4 x 1 GB, fully expecting it to not work. :laughing:


Unfortunately, this mobo doesn't have much in the way of voltage tweaks -- if any -- so I'll call Gigabyte and at least get them to tell me it's their fault. I feel like that is important somehow.


I'd love to just get 2 x 2 GB sticks, but the latencies on those are not as good as the 1 GB sticks... I guess I'm hoping to be surprised. If it doesn't work... well maybe I'll have to get a new motherboard while I'm waiting for GB to release a BIOS update. *shrug*

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Thanks for your input RAM GUY. In the NewEgg Customer Reviews for the board, it would appear that the "4 GB breaking Vista" problem has been solved -- the onboard video must be enabled. :laughing:


If I'm going to be limited in speed, 533 is preferable to 667, correct? Because then the modules are in sync with the FSB or something like that? Hopefully I won't be limited, but I'm prepared to accept if I am.

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