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RMA Request - TwinX-8500C5D-2GBkit

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Hi, ive had a pair of TwinX-8500C5D-2GBkit for about 5months and recently one has started freezing up and failing to boot.


It wont boot at all in dual channel or with a second pair of TwinX-8500C5D-2GBkit I have. I can get it to boot by itself only by running 533mhz with the loosest timings however it will still freeze on the way to loading windows. Ive checked all the voltages and this RAM stick was working perfectly for a fair period of time. The 2nd module of the pair works fine with my other pair and it works fine on its own.


I was hoping to RMA this module here in Australia.


Does Corsair have a RMA process for here?



064202024-2 = Serial #

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Hi, i was wondering if you can tell me, if the corsair RMA department has recieved the RAM I shipped them. I sent them in about 5wks ago now, from Australia tho, so I guessed it would take atleast a couple of wks or so to get there.


hoping they made it :p they were insured either way, but it just means more time without them :(

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