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4gb 6400 xms2 , rev5.1 and rev8.1


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Will I be able to mix these 2 different revisions? I have 2x1gb of each. rev5.1 and rev 8.1


I have a bad axe 2 board. I have read it may only detect 3x1gb even thou 4 are installed. is this true


Do I need to manually set the ram setting for this board? If so to what settings, it appears default is 5 5 5 15, but heard it should be set a 4 4 4 12 with voltage at 1.9-2.1 Is that accurate?


I am still waiting for my motherboard in the mail. I looked to see if corsair has the bad axe 2 board as a tester. Apparently you don't yet. If It can't detect my ram, how am I even going to boot it up?


I read an interview from 8 months ago that said all xms ram will incorporate IPP technology Does my ram support IPP? Modules are CM2x1024-6400's x4


I also have a flash voyager 8gb. I lost the cap. Can I get a replacement sent to me?

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Its not suggest to mix memory they should be the same part# and revision, but they may work with that MB just make sure the matching sticks are in the correct slots so they are not mixed then set the memory frequency at DDR667 as long as you have a 1066 FSB CPU and set the memory Voltage to 2.1 Volts and you should be good to go.
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