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Value Select PC5300

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Hey all, some of you might remember me asking about the chips on a certain pair of Value Select sticks before, and was prepared to buy them. Unfortanatly the person who was selling them followed me on the forums and found out that the sticks had good potential to overclock.


So after a while of dealing with my crappy OCZ SOE PC6400 ram with its many incompatabilities, I gave up, sold them and got myself 2GB of Corsair Value Select.


Now I had basically been off tweaking for a while so I've come back in and I currently have some decent clocks. Y3llowbeard knows what I have been doing with these sticks, and has been helping me through it a bit.


Anyway without futher to do here are the great results. *Cough*


Stock is DDR667 5-5-5-15 2T


DDR800 5-5-5-15 2T 1.9v



DDR881 5-5-5-15 1.9v



DDR948 5-5-5-15 2T 2.0v



DDR978 5-5-5-15 2T 2.0v



Currently the only CAS4 tests I have done are at DDR950 :D: And not going so well yet....


I first tried DDR950 4-5-5-12 2.0v, and that failed instantly in Orthos. However it was working fine on windows, so I knew that it was very easy to achieve these clocks with the right volts.


I then bumped it up to 2.08v (P5N-e has weird voltage increments) and it all seemed to be going well until I got to 9mins 28s when I got this.




So I though damn, so I went into the BIOS again and bumped the volts up to 2.25v and I have now got this result.




1 hour stable




4 and a half hours later I finally got an error....




Stupid thing was it was when MSN decided to bleep annoyingly at me because someone was nudging me....


Anyway for $169AU these sticks were an absolute bargin, they overclock right to where my old OCZ sticks clock, and I got $240 from their sale so it was a new HDD for me as well :p:


I love you Corsair :D: .... I will update this thread with more results as they slowly come.

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