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Striker and 8888C4DF problems


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So I built my new rig recently and ever since I got my Dominators in I have been having a heck of a time getting these thigns to there stock settings. I can't figure out if it is a settings issue, board issue, or RAM issue.


100% Stable settings are as follows, I am using BIOS 1004


everything stock or auto except for all the advanced CPU features are disabled and spread sprectrum disabled. Memory set to 1066MHz 4-4-4-12-2T 2.35v (read 2.38 in pcprobe).


now to the ram up to 1111 MHz I have to overclock a bit. So Ive tried the FSB at 1110,1111,1112. the best results were @ 1112 with CPU voltage set between 1.35-1.4v, 1.2 HT @ 1.35v, NB @ 1.45v, SB @ 1.5v, VTT @ 1.35v. But it wont get into windows and @ 1111 the system wont post.


But if I go up higher on the FSB to kick down the divider I set the FSB to 1250 and it wont post... set it to 1248 and mem to 1109.3 it posts gets into windows and right now I am running dual orthos and typing this at those settings. I think my voltages are as follows


CPU: 1.400v (reads 1.34v)

MEM: 1.375v (reads 2.40v)

1.2 HT: 1.40v (reads 1.44v)

NB: 1.50v (reads 1.52v)

SB: 1.50v (reads 1.50v)

CPU VTT: 1.35v (reads 1.39v)

Vrefs: AUTO


CAS: 4



TRAC: 12

Command rate: 2T

rest auto


sorry this post is all over the place.


Anywho... any ideas? Is my board just picky on the dividers? or am I looking at potentially bad ram or bad mobo? Orthos has just gone 30 minutes withotu error.


EDIT: Orthos went 2 hours before I shut it down to play some games. I guess everything is ok and just picky...


EDIT2: Nope not stable. After 2 hours 9 minutes I got video artifacting. I am now suspecting PSU is at fault. Going to try running the test again with memory at 1066MHz

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That may be the CPU its not uncommon to have odd multipliers have anomalies, I think I would give the MB Bios some time to mature a bit more and see what happens. Do you have the latest bios version installed by the way?
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