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Bad Memory Stick


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I have the Corsair Dominator PC8500C5D running on the Asus Striker Extreme. Lately I have been getting blue screens and screen redraw issues. The blue screens say "Bad Pool Header" which pointed out the ram to me...


When I initially got my system, I ran memtest with no errors. When the blue screens started to happen I ran memtest again but go no errors - after abit of research I reseated the ram in the other slots and this time memtest gave me a ton of errors.


I've run the system with only one stick - first stick I used was still have the redraw issues and taking ages to boot. Second stick was fine and is what is currently running my system (memtest @400% found no errors). So it looks like one stick is on the blink but because its a matched pair do I have to return both? Good case for an RMA?


Run both sticks @1066Mhz dual channel (SLI mode disabled) and then individually @800Mhz / 1066Mhz - same results. All with 2.2V (had to manually set Voltage - memory running using 1:1 ratio)

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