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3200XL Modules on Abit IS-7


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Have 2 XMS 3200XL modules running well in Dual Channel at 2.0-2-2-5. To get 2.0 rather than 2.5 have to set Game Accelerator to 'Turbo' (1 step more aggressive than AUTO). Run these at a 2.8volts setting (2.77 monitored in BIOS and via SpeedFan). Recently tried to add two 256MB 3200XLs in the second channel. These are also 3208v1.2. (1 of each size in each channel). With all four modules it will only post if Refresh Cycle set to Normal, Read Delay set to 5 Clocks, and Read Delay Adjust and Command per Clock set to 'Enabled'. During Post the BIOS shows 1.57GB. After full posting the BIOS closes and shifts to a dark, blank screen rather than proceeding to loading Windows. Have not found any command that will clear this screen and let it go to booting Windows.

If these two memory sizes can work on this Mobo I need to know what specific settings to change. I gather from other threads that "more relaxed" settings are probably required but I'm a newbie re memory. I don't mind a bit of trial & error but need to understand which direction(s) to go. For my Award BIOS the descriptions of the options for each of the 5 memory settings (game accel + 4) don't indicate which direction that would be for each. From other threads I gather that Memory Controllers are often the problem in trying to use 4 modules. Anything in the BIOS that can be reset there? My PSU is an Antec 550w so don't suspect a lack of power. Incidentally, I have tested this Mobo with 4 256MB C2s at AUTO settings, lower voltages and it posts, boots and runs fine. I need help.

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