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Random reboots


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Get random reboots, used windows debugger, the problem listed is different every time. I have run memtest and received a lot of errors, I removed each stick and ran memtest individually and received no errors, errors only seem to occur in dual channel mode.


System specs.


Asus P4p800-e deluxe

Intel P4 3.2ghz

2 x Corsair cmx512-3200c2

600w Ultra psu

nvidia 6800


Any suggestions?

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The CPU settings are all default, but I have the memory set as follows:


Latency: 2

Precharge: 3

RAS to CAS delay: 3

Precharge delay: 6

DRAM burst length: 8


I made these settings over a year ago and the problem went away, when I was checking the bios settings today I noticed the settings had reverted back to the default setting of 3-3-3-8. When the latency is set correctly the problem seems to go away, could that be the problem? Memtest shows no errors now.

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