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Bad module


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I have been having problems since I built this new rig and thought it was the power supply. But it ran better with just one of the two 1GB modules in place. It has progressively gotten worse and when this second module is added, or used alone, it locks up before it can get through POST. It even crashes while editing the BIOS. Remove it, all is OK. I can't run Memtest with it.

CM2X1024-6400C4, serial 748944-0647004-18.

I can return the pair when my backordered Kingston modules get here.

I really wanted 4GB on this SLI rig.


Rick Pruitt

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Ram Guy,


I used default with no overclocking, then manual on the memory with settings at 4, 4, 4 12, 2T.

It made it through Memtest on the one module, but everything stops if you add the second module, either in B1, or as a single in A1.

It is running fine on the one module, until you run out of memory in Vista. I like it enough I don't want to go back to XP.

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