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Problems with 8500C5

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I am a systems integrator. I personally purchased a set of 8500C5's. Installed into P5B Deluxe with E6300. I have issues with this dram. It performs correctly for a few days and then reboots with a blue-screen and no STOP designation of drivers, just Blue and Stop 0x00000.... The reboot will not restart. I have to remove the DRAM and reset the CMOS, then wait, re-install and set up again.


I have tested another set of (different company) Micron D9GCT's. This issue does NOT repeat. Use it for a few weeks, no problems. Reset the CMOS, install the 8500C5's and the issues repeat.


They do not fail on Memtest 86+ but Memtest is not the end-all in stability testing and I have been installing systems for 12 years.


Please give me a ticket to send these strips back.





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What are the settings you have set for our modules and what is the part# of the other modules and at what setting are you running them?


When I set for 450FSB and 5-5-5-15 or 485FSB 5-6-6-18 this happens. If I wanted 800MHz DRAM I would have bought it.


The other modules are of another company. They are also 8500C5's and are D9GCT's. They run the above easily.

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Yes that is normal, It will take 24-48 hours to get a reply excluding weekends and Holidays.


I'm still waiting for a response. I prefer to respond via e-mail and not phone. Why is there not a ticket sent via e-mail responder to show that the post was actually received?


This is a bit unprofessional isn't it?

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