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4 Gig Vista


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Hey there

I have 4GB of RAM and the system is perfectly stable once I get to windows 64Bit. But at every reboot I must clear the CMOS, and at that I get a


CMOS checksum error, Defaults loaded


message every time! weather I clear the CMOS or not, it has occasionally/randomly restarted without resetting the CMOS.


I've tried the timings

5-5-5-18 @800MHz (defaults)

5-5-5-18 @800\667\533\400MHz

5-5-5-15 @667MHz

4-4-4-12 @800\667\533\400MHz


all with voltage at 2.1 and a few with 2.2

SLI Ready was disabled

LinkBoost option is not present


With the setting below I can now boot consistently enough and now only have to have the PSU switch off for like 3 mins between boots. I had reverted to an older BIOS (0706) to see if the settings I was changing would have any better success, no luck there.


Found that

BIOS V.1001

CPU Frequency at 200.0

DDR2 Voltage at 2.1V

Peg LINK in Auto (Default)


Speed at 667MHz

Rest of theTimings in AUTO

The Skew set to advance 450ps for both channels

the SLI Ready to optimal

AMD Live to enabled

AMD Cool'n'Quiet in Auto


Interestingly enough when I go back into the BIOS it correctly detects and sets the timings for my ram (4-4-4-12) usually they are set slower when the speed is 800MHz (5-5-5-18).


With these settings I don't get a CMOS checksum error the occasional boot failure as restarting the PC doesn't work and it takes that rightly so as a failed post. Another week of this and I'll say I'll give up and get some other RAM that is guaranteed to work for this board, which is what I should have done in the first place.


Any input to this issue Ram Guy would be appreciated

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  • Corsair Employees

Sorry for moving your post. We highly recommend creating a new thread. It creates more efficiency for me so I do not have to sometimes read through 10 posts until finally getting to the last one.


I see that you have a lot of device installed. For diagnostics procedure, lets simplify the system. Only install whats required and see if system is stable. Try the following settings with 4 sticks installed, CPU, Video Card and a single OS hard drive only:


1. Clear Cmos

Memory Voltage: 2.0v

Memory Frequency: 667MHZ

TCL: 4


TRP: 4

TRAS: 12

Command Rate: 2T


Note: reviewing your system specs and power supply efficiency causes some concerns. This power supply provides 600Watts but if you look carefully it is rated at 84% MAX Load. That would usually result in 70%-75% continuois and would mean 420-450Watts continuois. MAX 504w.


Lets estimate the watts consumed per component:


CPU: 90w

Motherboard: 40w

Video Card: 150w

4 x HDD: 100w

Optical Drive: 25w

Sound Card: 25w

4 x RAM: 50w


Total: 480w(not including fans and onboard devices)

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