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Asus M2N-Plus Dual channel issues


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Hey, i just built a new machine for a friend and im having some stability issues with my set of twin xms2 6400. The computer and applications crashes very often with a BSOD. Using memtest-86 & 86+ i have found that whenever i have the 2 modules set in dual channel mode i get errors in test 5 (Block move). If i have only one of either modules in the computer or both on the same channel i dont get any errors in memtest.

I have set the modules to 5-5-5-12 2T and 1.9v. I also tested with 1.95v (max on this mb).

What can i do to try and solve this issue?


Update: Running in DDR667 it runs the test without errors too.


Update2: Hmm it seems these modules are not on the Asus QVL list for this motherboard. Though the C4 version of these are. If i exchange the modules will they work better? Will they run at 4-4-4-12 when the mb only goes to 1.95v?

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