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Bad XMS3200 512mb (XMS3202v5.4) 400mhz

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I have one bad stick of Corsair Platinum XMS3200 512 mb 400mhz CL2 (CMX512-3200C2PT) in an ASUS P4P 800S-X motherboard. This is one stick of two installed in the system.


Bought 2 sticks at the same time, both identical and has been run for about one year. Lately the system started locking up hard (no BSOD, no errors, have to power off to restart) within 12 hours of restarting.


Ran the memtest program and the computer will still lock-up solid even just running memtest.


In diagnosing the problem I removed this stick of RAM and memtest will complete (no errors on other stick) and the computer is stable for weeks without a restart. I have gone into BIOS and disabled hyperthreading, memory at lowest timings, etc and the lockups only occur when this particular stick is installed.


Need to return for replacement please.




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