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mix matching RAMs question


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I replaced my 1GB mix collection of:

(2 pcs) CMX265A-3200C2 XMS3202V1.1 024805

(2 pcs) TWINX CMX256-3200LL XMS3205V1.2 0338140-0



(2 pcs) CMX1024-3200PT R XMS3200V6.1 07050212-0 400mHz

in my Asus A8N-SLI dex AMD64 3800+ 2.42Ghz WinXPPRO SP2

I placed each modules in the each blue slots, leaving me 2 more black slots empty.


Can I used any of those RAMs that I removed to this new set up?

I'm not a tech savy guy, so please keep it in the most lay-man term as much as possible.:laughing:

My new vidcard is an eVGA 7900 GT 256 DDR3 PCI-E, just so we don't get confused with my old sig.:nutkick:


Many thanks in advance, thank you for having this kind of forum, and lastly thanks for having this much smiley available. :wall:


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Simple answer is not sure.


It is highly recommended that one uses same memory modules manufactured at the same period. This is true for Corsair memory modules.


The version numbers such as v1.1 doesn't mean higher is better. It is more likely that it's their way to document the combination of ICs & parts used in the assembly and manufacturing process.


Just use the modules with the same version together, in matching color memory lots.


As DDR-400MHz is well accepted and within the JEDEC specification, it has more chance of working than a mix pair of DDR2-800MHz.


You just have to try.


Good Luck.

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