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how to test 620


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EVGA tells me to get rid of the Ntune software for now... I am useing everest to monitor voltages to sort this lockup problem as I have just about RMA'd the whole system..it reads 10 volts on both the +12v and -12v rails....exactly where should I be back probing with a volt ohm meter?
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Wise. Standard multimeter method:


1. With the system turned off and the multimeter off, insert the positive lead of the meter into the yellow (+12volt) wired pin of the 4 pin molex and the ground/common lead of the meter into one of the black wired pins of the 4 pin molex. You just need to make sure there making good contact, no need to cram them in. Also be sure the bare metal of the meter leads are not touching anything else.


2. Turn on multimeter set to DC volts.


3. Turn on computer and read meter


4. Turn off computer


5. Turn off meter and then disconnect leads.


ps: this is for a standard ATX compliant supply, if in doubt about the supply voltage colored wire assignments, check the supplies documentation.

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