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Gigabyte DS4 and 4GB of TWINX2X2048-6400


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I have a DS4 (rev 3.3) and have installed into it 2 matched pairs of TWINX2X2048-6400, so a total of 4GB memory.


I am running Vista x64.


Everything has been fine for several days since I built the machine, no crashes at all. I have even played many many games of C&C 3 without a single crash.


Then last night my machine crashed and was sitting at a BSOD when I went to it in the morning.


After some debugging steps I determined the cause was the memory. The only way I could get the machine to even boot into safe mode was by taking out all but one stick of memory.


Then I decided to put the memory back in, as I figured they may just need reseating - but no. The problem returned.


After reading a few forum posts I decided to change the BIOS settings for the DDR2 voltage. I have now set it to +0.100v.


After changing this the machine booted up first time and I am infact typing this post on it.


So what the hell was that all about then? :confused: :confused:


Is the DS4's stock voltage too low or something?


PS: I'm not overclocking or anything like that. All the BIOS settings were stock until I decided to increase the DDR2 voltage.


PPS: I am running 4 instances of MemTest on it right now. So far each instance has completed around 50% and with 0 errors so far. I'll let you know the end result.

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I had just another BSOD. PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_POOL... a tell tale memory-related BSOD.


So I've set it to +0.3v now. I also up'd to northbridge to +0.15v...


I never knew that 4 sticks of RAM were so demanding on the motherboard :( If I'd had known this I might have splashed out on 2x2GB sticks instead.


Definately don't want to take it down to 667 as my system will be under-performing then.

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I've tested with the 2nd pair on their own and they don't work. The system won't even turn on - let alone attempt to POST.


If I put the other pair in (in exactly the same slots) everything works fine.


How can I RMA this dead pair?

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